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Raul Ojamaa is a guitarist and writer-producer whose first notable successful tracks were “Tagurpidi vaal” (co-written with Marten Kuningas) and “Seis” by Mick Pedaja. He has produced and written music for many great Estonian artists from various genres like Miljardid, Gram of Fun, Lenna, Stefan, Liis Lemsalu, Tanel Padar, Ines, Liisi Koikson, Siiri Sisask and Mick Pedaja.

His style of music is influenced by his main instrument, guitar but he likes to mix up both old and new school to create a new vibe. He hasn’t really committed to one specific genre, rather blending them with each other to find something he can call his own sound. Since most of his success has currently been in his home country and with Estonian acts, he has decided to develop himself more on an international level having had many successful sessions in for example Berlin (Ornery, Lauri Mantynen, Dimensionless Unity) and Finland (Isac Elliot).

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