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Raul Ojamaa is a versatile Estonian artist, songwriter, guitarist, and producer who thrives
on exploring various genres and blending diverse sounds to create something unique. 
His music is characterised by its atmospheric and melodic guitars, interwoven with deep basslines and pulsating beats that resonate with club audiences. 

With a notable track record in music production for many notable Estonian artists, Raul's productions have garnered him 5 Estonian Music Awards and achieved the coveted #1 position on the Estonian music charts. He has collaborated with numerous Estonian and international artists, songwriters and producers including Malou, Ornery, Lauri Mäntynen, Dimensionless Unity, Isac Elliot, Francis On My Mind,  NOËP, Maris Pihlap, Gram-of-Fun, Lenna, Stefan, Ines, Liisi Koikson, Mick Pedaja and Sander Mölder. Raul has also written music for documentaries and advertisements. 

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