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We can help you find the right music for your commercial, film, TV series, video game, or any other audiovisual project. Our catalog contains over 200 licensable and easy-to-clear songs from talented Estonian artists across multiple genres.

Music synchronization

Need music for a specific project? Tell us a little about your project and we’ll put together a customized playlist of songs from our catalog.


We’re here to help you find the right song and guide you through the music licensing process.

Bespoke compositions and film scores

Many of our writers have experience in composing scores for film, and television.


Our writers are happy to create original music for films, series, advertisements and other audiovisual projects.

Music supervision

Clearing music rights can be a challenging and time-consuming endeavor. If you’ve found the perfect song for your project but you’re struggling with obtaining a license, we’d be happy to help you.


We have experience in clearing music rights from both local and international rights holders as well as negotiating and executing synchronization agreements.

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