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The indie group Meelik had its humble beginnings during the during high school years of its members. It all started when the guitarist Rain Parve invited the winner of a school singing competition, Andres Kõpper to join his band along with Martin Petermann and Meelik Samel. However, the band faced a dilemma—they couldn't settle on a name. Then, during a rehearsal when their bassist Meelik was late, they decided to name the band after him - as punishment. The name stuck!


Over the years, these boys have performed together in various bands and ensembles including as the popular band Tenfold Rabbit, which gained momentum at the 2012 Eesti Laul. 


After a “brief” hiatus from 2011-2022, Meelik reunited in the summer of 2022 to perform at an alumni event at their high school. This brought the band back to life and in 2023 they entered Eesti Laul with their catchy song “Tuju”, which came in 4th and won the hearts of the audience. 


The band’s energetic tunes together with their charismatic and comedic stage presence has caused a demand for their live gigs both at home in Estonia and abroad!

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