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As a natural extension to our artist management and publishing services – Tier Music’s various team members can also offer consulting services such as:


  • A&R consultancy (i.e finding your label, management or publishing entity new artists and talents);

  • Project management (i.e. helping to organise songwriting camps and various music industry events and live shows);

  • Music supervision (negotiating deals and clearing rights with both local and international rights holders as well as finding and suggesting music from either our catalogue or outside that fits the project best);

  • Educational courses in management, publishing and/or in music rights (i.e teaching at schools and courses as well as hosting individual sessions);

  • Business management (i.e. managing and negotiating new business deals on behalf of the client like producer fees or negotiations with labels and publishers re. contracts etc.) 


Sandra and Thea have worked closely and in collaboration with Tallinn Music Week, EFÜ and Music Estonia to organise international songwriting camps or give courses at various Music Estonia events.


Thea has given lectures at universities like Georg Ots Tallinn Music College and Estonian Business School, House of Europe Digital Lab in Ukraine and has been a speaker at Mastering the Music Business in Bucharest. Both Thea and Sandra have participated as moderators and industry experts in many showcase festival panels (i.e at Tallinn Music Week and Eurosonic).

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