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"Armasta mind feat. Vaiko Eplik” Visit Estonia commercial

Sander Mölder

Terminal Oil commercial, score

Sander Mölder

Perrier Jouet commercial (Japan), score

Sander Mölder

Osaka Metro commercial (Japan), score

Andres Kõpper

Balbiino commercial, score

Andres Kõpper

European Athletics U23 & U20 Championships - Official Anthem - Tallinn 2021 // NOËP - 'I Get Up'

Andres Kõpper

Kaerajaaning Dance - Visit Estonia campaign, score

Mick Pedaja

“Skandinaavia Vaikus”, whole film score

Mick Pedaja

“Reetur”, whole series score (season 1 and 2)

Mick Pedaja

“Valguses ja Varjus”, whole series score

Mick Pedaja

“Talve”, whole film score


“Vajun” for ALMA commercial "Traditsiooniline kohupiim"

Frankie Animal

“Peaches” for Telia commercial

Sten-Olle Moldau

"Vanamehe film" whole film score

Francis On My Mind

Romanian artist, Francis On My Mind's song "I'm Alright" which was co-written at Tier Music's 2022 writing camp was featured on Xfinity's commercial.


Anett's song "Get by" used in Tartu Kaubamaja's 2023 advertisement. 


"Tuju" for Kalev's new candy


Sten-Olle Moldau

"Vanamees ja põrsauss" trailer music

Raul Ojamaa

"Sailing" for Tallinna merepäevad 2023 aftermovie.


NOEP's song Ouatcha Name was used i Sportland's digital media and TikTok campaigns.

More works

  • Frankie Animal “Honey” - Click & Grow Kickstarter campaign video

  • Sander Mölder - UNIQLO AIRism (Japan), score 

  • Sander Mölder - Oculus Quest 2, Mazda, Balmuda, Empecure and DHC commercials (Japan), score

  • Mick Pedaja - One Dojima commercial (Japan), score

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