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“Everything I do comes from my inner feelings. I get inspiration from my friends, from things I hear in the city… I think my inspiration comes from life, and I try to put music and life together.”

- Mick for Charm Offensive 

Mick Pedaja is a musician and composer known for his atmospheric electro-acoustic palette, chilled rhythms and floating vocals. 


Mick launched his solo career in 2014 with his debut EP ‘Ärgake'. His first full-length album 'Hingake/Breathe' was released in 2016 and won best indie/alternative album award at the Estonian Music Awards 2017. Mick's first side project SUMRA is an electronic experiment from the spring of 2017 launched with a release of an album called “Laniakea". His second studio album "Avaimus" released in December 2018 speaks about the woods and surroundings around us. He is often seen on stage with his wife and musician Angeelia, with whom they have just released a new project called “MIANG”.


Mick has recently written music for two successful movies “Skandinaavia Vaikus” / “Scandinavian Silence” and “Talve” and for a TV-series “Reetur”.